Autoplan Insurance

Products and coverage

In addition to mandatory Basic Autoplan insurance, we offer a range of products and coverage to help you find the best level of protection for your vehicle and situation. 

Basic coverage

ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance is the mandatory coverage you need for a vehicle in B.C. It helps ensure that all British Columbians who own and drive a motor vehicle here are protected with a basic level of coverage.

Basic Autoplan

Find out what's included in your Basic Autoplan insurance.

Unlisted Driver Protection

Unlisted Driver Protection can give you peace of mind if you want to be able to lend your car to drivers not listed on your policy.

Optional coverage

We also have great optional products so you can choose the best level of protection for yourself, your family and your vehicle. 


Cover repair and replacement costs, even if you're at fault.

Hit and Run

Cover repair and replacement costs caused by a hit and run driver.

Income Top-U​p

Optional coverage that tops up the Enhanced Care income replacement benefit​​.


Non-collision damage can come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you're protected.

Extended Third Party Liability

The costs of a crash can add up. Are you covered?

Loss of Use

Loss of Use coverage can help you stay mobile after a claim.

Luxury vehicles

Wondering how to insure your luxury vehicle in B.C.?

Specified Perils

Similar to Comprehensive coverage, but at a lower price.

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Valuable protection for you and your rented vehicle.

New Vehicle Protection

We offer three great products to help protect your new vehicle.

Optional insurance packages

These packages combine some of our most popular products at a great price.

Specialized coverage

For occasional use and special vehicles.​

Terms and conditions for Autoplan optional products

Find everything you need about Optional coverages, including the terms and conditions of your policy, and how you're protected.