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Prepare an insurance estimate whenever you want with our easy-to-use ICBC estimation tool.​



Our estimator is currently not showing discounts for vehicles with autonomous emergency braking. We are working to fix this issue, but in the meantime, please be assured that you will receive this discount on your upcoming renewal, if eligible.

What​ y​ou'll need to prepare an estimate

You'll need a current Autoplan policy and ​your BC Services​ Card or your online banking credentials​​ to sign in:

Signing in for the first time? Watch our video about your secure sign-in options​.

Ple​​ase contact an Autoplan broker if you​:

  • Want an estimate for a new policy​​​​

  • ​Want an estimate for a commercial or fleet policy

  • Do not currently have a B.C. driver's licence and ​Autoplan policy

With the estimation tool, you can:

Estimate listing drivers

Estimate the impact of listing drivers on your policy

If other drivers use this vehicle, you should list them on your policy. Use the tool to estimate how this might change your policy.

Estimate optional changes

Estimate change​s to optional ICBC coverage

Choose from a wide range of optional coverage products so you can choose the best level of protection for yourself, your family and your vehicle.

Estimate email

Don't miss timely updates - add your email

Sign up for ICBC updates as soon as they are available.

Estimate direct deposit

Get your money faster with direct deposit

Sign up for direct deposit​ so that refunds can go straight into your bank account.

Frequently asked questions:


No, this tool is for estimation purposes only, whether for an upcoming renewal or a mid-term policy change. Your listed drivers, optional coverages and any other changes to your policy can only be completed with your broker.

If you're within 45 days of your policy's renewal date, the changes you make within the insurance estimator will be saved in our system. This means your broker can access these changes—saving you some time—and review them with you when you renew or change your policy.​ However, those changes won't carry over to an online renewal.​

Yes, you can use the tool at any time to see how listing drivers and adjusting your coverages will affect your premiums and to estimate the cost of your next renewal or a mid-term policy change.

If you're within 45 days of your policy's renewal date, your changes will be saved so that your broker can refer to them if you renew your policy with your broker.

If you're outside of the 45-day renewal period or you'​re renewing an eligible policy online​, your changes will not be saved.

Note: if you were in a crash and found responsible, your premiums may be affected. For an accurate estimate, you need to be within 45 days of your policy’s insurance renewal. For general information about impacts to your premiums, talk to an Autoplan broker or ICBC Customer Service.

Common factors include:

  • Making more changes at the broker's office, such as your listed drivers or optional coverages.

  • The low-kilometre discount and discount for autonomous emergency braking, since they require an annual declaration when you renew. (Discounts not requiring a declaration, such as the disability discount, are included in your estimate.)

  • Estimating a mid-term change. Your estimate is prorated based on the number of days left in your policy. If you use this tool and then visit your broker on a different day, please note that the estimate you receive there may differ.

  • Your claims history and if you chose to repay existing claims. If you were found responsible for a crash, your premiums will likely go up. In general, the more crashes you are responsible for, the more you will pay in insurance. 

  • Moving within B.C.

  • Changing how your vehicle is used, such as switching from pleasure use to commuting to work.

Learn more about ​what determines your cost of insurance.

No, the tool is for estimation purposes only.

If your policy is due for renewal in 45 days or less and you want to renew it via your broker, they can access your saved estimate for their information.

Yes, you can still use the tool to estimate changes to your listed drivers and coverages; however, a saved estimate is only valid until the end of the current business day.

Please bring the driver's licence and date of birth for each driver you are adding to your policy.​

Visit or contact an Autoplan broker's office​ to make changes or update your coverage. You'll need the driver's licence and date of birth for each driver you plan to list.​ If you're renewing a policy, you can renew it online​ (if it it's eligible) or with your broker.

Once you are signed in to the estimator, you'll see a link to the area where you can set up or update your direct deposit and email information. Or learn more about how to Set up direct deposit.