Autoplan Insurance

Driving outside B.C.

Taking a road trip? Are you a snowbird heading south for the winter? Here's how we can help you to stay protected on the road.

You're covered in Canada and the U.S. on vacation

Your Autoplan insurance covers you anywhere in Canada and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. But it’s important to check with the place you’re visiting to make sure you’re complying with its registration requirements. You’ll need to change your insurance policy if that jurisdiction requires you to register or licence your vehicle there, even if you’re on vacation.

Coverage under Enhanced Care

All B.C. residents are covered under Enhanced Accident Benefits, even for injuries resulting from a crash outside B.C. 

You may want to consider Extended Third Party Liability coverage when driving outside the province. Should you be responsible for a crash, Extended Third Party Liability will cover you for the other driver’s vehicle repair costs that exceed the limit of your Basic Third Party Liability coverage. It also protects you in jurisdictions where the law permits the other driver to sue. 

Talk to your broker about how much Third Party Liability coverage is right for you.​​

When to call your Autoplan broker

If you're mixing travel with business, you may need to change your coverage. Also, if your vehicle is outside of B.C. and it won't be operated in B.C. at any point during your insurance policy period, then you will need to register, licence and insure your vehicle where you're living or visiting.

Check with your Autoplan broker for details on your specific situation.