Autoplan Insurance

Print your insurance documents​

You can view, download and print your insurance documents (otherwise known as your ​Owner’s Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence) and request insurance and registration documents.

Print active insurance documents

What can and can't be printed

​You can print your insurance documents if your personal policy is active and for a vehicle you own, even if it's jointly owned or leased.

You can't print insurance documents if the policy is: 

  • Expired

  • For a company-owned or fleet vehicle

  • For a trailer or an all-terrain vehicle​

If you need a copy of your insurance documents and are unable to print your own, contact an Autoplan broker​.

How to print your insurance documents

  1. ​Sign in ​​in with your BC Services Card or ​​your online banking credentials​

  2. On the Your policies screen, click on a policy to open it

  3. ​On the Policy details screen, look for the ​​"Download and print document" prompt on the right and click the "Current policy" link underneath it to open a PDF of your insurance documents.

  4. Print the PDF. ​

Signing in for the first time? Watch our video about your secure sign-in options.​

Request expired insurance and registration documents

​ICBC can provide a copy of a previous Owner's Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence (APV250) or Transfer tax form (APV9T) for a fee of $10 per document.​​ Insurance and registration documents are retained for three years from the expiry date or three years from the non-licensed effective date.

Who can request documents

The requester must be listed on the requested form as the:

  • Registered owner

  • Lessor / lessee

  • Buyer or seller

If you are only listed as a principal or additional driver, you will require the registered owner, lessor or lessee to request the document.

If the registered owner, lessor or lessee is a company, someone at the company with signing authority may make the request. This could include the CEO, president, owner, or manager. These requests should be sent on company letterhead and include the requestor's name, title and signature.

If the registered owner, lessor or lessee is deceased, the administrator/executor of their estate may make the request. The request must include a copy of the death certificate and one of the following: a will, Letters of Administration or Letters Probate.

If the requestor is none of the above, they must include written and signed authorization from the person named on the document requested. 

How to request expired insurance and registration documents

​For each request, please include

  • The type of document (APV250 or APV9T) and time period being requested

  • The reason for the request

  • The plate number, registration number or vehicle identification number (VIN) and a description of the vehicle

  • Your name, signature, and contact information (address, phone number, email, fax)

  • Your title, if applicable

  • How you would like the document to be sent to you (mail, email, fax)

  • A completed credit card authorization form or cheque, money order or bank draft payable to ICBC

If you are requesting copies of documents from a specific year and had multiple transactions during that period, contact ICBC Insurance Customer Service​ to determine the number of documents you will need to request and the total cost.

​Requests can be made in person at ICBC Head Office or mailed to:

ICBC Driver Testing Vehicle Information
205 - 151 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 3H9​