Autoplan Insurance

​Insurance for peer-to-peer vehicle rental

Peer-to-peer vehicle rental companies connect vehicle owners with renters via an online platform.

If you’d like to make your vehicle available for others to rent via a peer-to-peer vehicle rental online platform, such as Turo, how you are insured will depend on whether the peer-to-peer company has ICBC blanket insurance or not. Peer-to-peer rental companies are not required to have ICBC blanket insurance, so you should enquire with the P2P company directly to find out if they have it.

If the peer-to-peer company has ICBC’s Basic blanket insurance

Basic blanket insurance products are available to peer-to-peer companies. If the company you will be registering with has this blanket insurance, you are covered while the vehicle is being rented. This Basic blanket insurance provides coverage for Accident Benefits and $200,000 third party liability.

Please visit your Autoplan broker to ensure the rental vehicle is properly insured for peer-to-peer use, even if the rental company has Basic blanket insurance.

If the peer-to-peer company does not have ICBC’s Basic blanket insurance

You will need to see your Autoplan broker and have the vehicle’s use properly declared and the correct rate class applied to the vehicle.

If your vehicle is involved in a crash without being rated properly or having the right insurance coverage in place, there could be very serious financial consequences, including potentially having to repay the full value of all claims that arise and forfeiting coverage for your car.

Optional Blanket coverage

Optional coverage, such as Collision and Comprehensive, is also available to provide coverage while renting your vehicle via a peer-to-peer company. A peer-to-peer company may purchase a blanket optional policy that will cover the vehicles being rented through their platform. You should check with the peer-to-peer company whether they have any blanket Optional coverage.

If the company does not have any blanket Optional coverages or their blanket Optional coverage is lower than your personal coverage, you may be able to add Optional coverages to cover you during peer-to-peer use. Talk to your broker for more information as exclusions may apply to your person​al optional coverage during peer-to-peer use.

Peer-to-peer coverage

What to bring to your broker

When you visit your broker, make sure you know:

  • which peer-to-peer rental companies you are using

  • the insurance the peer-to-peer company holds

  • how many total days per month you plan to use your vehicle for peer-to-peer vehicle rental services – up to 6 days or over 6 days per month (for all rental services combined)

More information

Vehicle owners should visit the peer-to-peer company’s website for more information.