Autoplan Insurance

Discounts and savings

You can lower your insurance costs by qualifying for our discounts and savings. Your years of driving, the number of vehicles you insure, how you protect your vehicle—these factors and more can pay off with savings on your Autoplan premium. 


For annual policies, ICBC offers:

  • 10% low-kilometre discount on Basic coverage for eligible customers who drive their vehicle a distance of less than 5,000 km per year.

  • 10-15% distance-based discount on Extension Third Party Liability, Collision, Comprehensive and Specified Perils coverages for eligible customers who drive their vehicle a distance of less than 10,000km per year.

Find out more about usage-based discounts.

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is a safety feature that uses technology to anticipate when a vehicle is about to have a front-end collision and automatically engages the brakes without the driver’s action. Vehicles equipped with factory-installed autonomous emergency braking (AEB) are eligible for a 10% discount as AEB has been statistically shown to help prevent crashes.

If you’re not sure whether your vehicle has AEB, check with your dealership or look in your ownership manual.

The advanced safety technology discount applies to your Basic and some Optional coverages, as well as fleet and commercial non-fleet polices that meet the eligibility requirements.

Generally, drivers with more years of driving experience will see greater savings. You will be able to receive Basic insurance savings for up to 40 years of driving experience, up from the current nine years of crash-free driving. Basic insurance premiums are currently discounted for inexperienced drivers. ICBC continues to offer discounted premiums, however, these discounts will be reduced with one at-fault crash, and eliminated with a second crash in the same scan period.

Seniors continue to receive Basic insurance savings. More years of driving experience are now considered: up to 40 years from the current nine years.


Senior driver savings apply to policies where the vehicle is owned or leased by a senior (65+) and is used for pleasure use. Now, seniors may use their vehicle for up to six days in a calendar month for commuting, business or delivery – a change from the previous seniors’ discount, which had restrictions on vehicle use. However, if the senior has an at-fault crash, the savings will be reduced, and then eliminated if there’s a second at-fault crash in the same scan period.

Passive electronic immobilizers

Electronic immobilizers disable your car's engine when the ignition is turned off. An engine with an immobilizer won't start until it recognizes a special key (with computer chip) or electronic device (usually on key ring). Electronic immobilizers offer the highest level of protection.

The way an electronic engine immobilizer is activated determines whether or not the device is a passive electronic immobilizer.

  • A passive immobilizer: no interaction req​uired except removing the key from the ignition

  • Manual immobilizer: requires the user to press a button to activate

If your vehicle is equipped with a passive elec​​tronic immobilizer, you could save on your Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage. Contact your Autoplan Broker​ to learn more. ​

Note: motorcycles and trailers aren't eligible for the anti-theft device discount. 

Anti-theft deductible savings

Using an anti-theft device for your vehicle could also get you a $100 deductible rebate when:

  • Your properly installed and activated anti-theft device prevented your vehicle from being stolen and there's evidence of intent to steal the vehicle.

  • You may also get a $100 deductible rebate if your vehicle is stolen and recovered, with evidence your anti-theft device was compromised. 

Unfortunately, motorcycles and trailers aren't eligible for the anti-theft device discount.​

Insure five or more eligible vehicles for business or commercial uses and you could save up to 63% on your Autoplan premium.​

If you've been approved for a ​​refund under the B.C. government Fuel Tax Refund Program for Persons with Disabilities, you may also qualify for a 25% discount on your Basic insurance for one vehicle in an eligible rate class—even if you don't drive the vehicle you're insuring.

To confirm your eligibility and to add the discount to your policy, go to an Autoplan broker's office and bring appropriate documentation, including the Fuel Tax Refund Program confirmation letter and registration number, insurance documents and photo ID.​ If you are not the registered owner or lessee but have demonstrated an ownership interest, the owner or lessee must also be present.

You may also qualify for the discount to be backdated. Once the discount has been applied to your policy, submit a copy of your Fuel Tax Refund Program confirmation letter to [email protected].​​

For more information on the Fuel Tax Refund Program, see the Ministry of Finance tax bulletin or contact​ us​ at 1-800-​663-3051.​

Talk to your Autoplan broker to find out if you qualify for these discounts and savings.