Road safety

Safety and road conditions

We want your time on the road to be safe—whether it’s a short city drive for groceries or a long-distance highway journey. Check our advice on handling many of the situations you could encounter.

Che​cking road conditions

Before you head off to your next destination, it helps to check traffic, road and weather conditions.

How to use a roundabout

Roundabouts can improve traffic flow. Find tips on using a roundabout for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.    

Minimizing risk for commercial drivers

The lives of your employees and the financial health of your business depend on commercial road safety.

Staying safe during wildfires

Every year wildfires affect people and communities across British Columbia. We're here to help you and your loved ones stay safe.

Staying safe in a flood

Floodwater can be unpredictable and quickly wash out roads and sweep away vehicles. Help you and your loved ones stay safe with our tips.

Winter driving

Driving in winter can be challenging. We have tips to help you drive safely in winter conditions.

Preparing an emergency kit

Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle at all times to help you and your passengers stay safe.