Report and manage your claim

Report your claim online or by phone, and check your claim details quickly and easily with our online system.

Report a claim

Find out how to report a claim and what information you need beforehand. You can report a claim online or by phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Manage your claim

Sign into our online claims service to check your claim details, provide information and upload ​documents​.

Get help with your claim

Find out how to resolve any issues you may encounter when submitting documents related to your​ claim.

Set up direct deposit

You can save time later and receive your claim reimbursements more quickly by setting up direct deposit (electronic fund transfer).​​​

Take photos for your claim

See what kinds of photos we may ask for after you submit your claim.

Submit documents for someone else's claim or a business

If you have documents for someone else's existing claim or for a business, you can upload them online.