If the crash resulted in a death

We’re here to support you through this difficult time with coverage for funeral expenses, grief counselling, and death benefits.

Accessing benefits as a family member of the deceased

ICBC offers several benefits to help you through the loss of family members and your specialist can help you access these benefits. Please be sure to keep any receipts or documents related to the death.

Claims can be submitted via our online claims service or by calling us at 604-520-822 or at 1-800-910-4222. You can also view your support guide for fatality claims pdf for details about these benefits.

Funeral expenses

To ease your financial burdens during this time, funeral expenses are covered under Enhanced Care up to $9,949. Please be sure to keep any receipts for reimbursement.

Grief counselling

Support for grief counselling is available for immediate family members (up to $4,161 per family member). Each counselling session is reimbursable up to $135 if provided by a registered clinical counsellor, and $219 if provided by a registered psychologist. You can choose your counsellor from among registered clinical counsellors, psychiatrists, members of the clergy, Indigenous elders, and others. Your claims specialist can help you access your grief counselling benefit.

Lump sum payments

Some family members are eligible for a lump sum payment to help them transition after the loss of a loved one. Family members may be eligible for a lump sum death benefit amount to ease the financial burden associated with their loss. The amount of the benefit is determined by factors such as age and income of the deceased, and relationship and family status. Talk to your claims specialist for more information.

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Your support guide for fatality claims is available for download in the following three languages: