Vehicle registration

​​Buy a vehicle​

What to look for when buying a new or used vehicle and what you need to know when importing a car.

Buy a new vehicle

Before buying a new car, it pays to do your research. Get info on how to register, license and insure a new vehicle, and tips to help you get started.

Buy a used vehicle

Follow our recommended steps for buying a used vehicle to get an excellent vehicle for a decent price.

Import a vehicle

Find out how to import a vehicle from another country and insure it for the trip back to B.C., and then once you’re home.

Register a vehicle

Before you can get licence plates and insurance for a vehicle in B.C., the vehicle must be registered with ICBC. This registration serves as the official record of your vehicle. It also identifies you as its owner.

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

All vehicles on B.C. roads need a vehicle identification number. Find out how to apply for a VIN if your vehicle doesn’t have one.