Vehicle registration

Ham radio plates

ICBC issues ham plates with assigned radio call signs to certified amateur radio operators. Ham plates make it easy to identify amateur radio operators so that they can assist ​with emergency communications in the event of a natural disaster.

Types of vehicles t​​hat c​an have ham plates​​​

Ham radio plates can be displayed on

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Commercial vehicles

  • Motor homes

Applying for ham plates

  1. Fill out an application for ​ham and personlized number plates pdf. Forms are also available from Autoplan brokers.

  2. Take the completed application form to an Autoplan broker and present your Certificate of Proficiency.


To apply, you must have a certificate of proficiency in amateur radio

To apply for ham plates, you must hold a valid certificate of proficiency in amateur radio issued by Industry Canada.

Moving to B.C.?

Amateur radio operators from another province must apply to Industry Canada for a B.C.-prefixed call sign. Contact Industry Canada at 1-800-328-6189.

Collecting your ham plates

ICBC reviews your application. Once approved, your plates are manufactured and sent to your broker. You are notified by mail when the plates are ready. The process takes about two months. You pick up your plates at your broker's office and hand in your regular licence plates.

How much do ham plates cost?

There is no charge to apply for ham plates. An $18 fee is charged when you substitute your regular plates with ham plates.

Need more information?


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