Vehicle registration

Motorized wheelchairs

Rules for using motorized wheelchairs

  • You don’t need a driver’s licence to drive a motorized wheelchair.

  • Vehicle registration, licence plates and insurance are also not required.

  • Motorized wheelchairs can be used on sidewalks or roads, following the same rules as pedestrians.

A motorized wheelchair may only be operated for the purposes for which it was designed.

Safety tips for driving motorized wheelchairs

  • Ride only where it's safe, following the same rules and guidelines as pedestrians.

  • Use courtesy and think safety.

  • Drive at the same speed as other pedestrian traffic.

  • Be extra cautious of possible traffic as you approach driveways and lanes.

  • Try to avoid sudden turns.

Avoid using your motorized wheelchair if you're taking any medication, drugs or alcohol that may affect your skills or judgement.