Vehicle registration

Modified vehicles

Do you own a passenger or light commercial vehicle that's been modified? If so, you'll need to register it as a modified vehicle. Then you can get plates and insurance, and put it on the road.

What counts as a modified vehicle?

For registration purposes, a modified vehicle means a motor vehicle (passenger or light commercial) of a manufacturer's make that:

  • has the shell of body, coach or cab from the original manufactured motor vehicle (sorry, aftermarket fiberglass, composite, or steel bodies aren't acceptable); and

  • has an altered body that resembles, but is no longer identical in appearance to the original body of the motor vehicle; or

  • has had one or more of the following components replaced or altered:

    • chassis

    • engine and/or power train

    • suspension

    • fuel type

    • steering or braking mechanical component.

How to register your modified vehicle

  1. Collect and photocopy your receipts, bills of sale or invoices for the major components of the vehicle.

  2. Obtain a "passed" vehicle inspection report from a designated inspection facility​ (external).

  3. Find out the market value of your motor vehicle.

  4. Locate an original manufacturers' Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the vehicle. The VIN must be clearly visible for sighting by an enforcement officer at the roadside. A VIN that can only be seen, for example, by crawling under the vehicle to inspect a frame rail is not an acceptable 'public' VIN. If you can't find an original manufacturers' VIN, find out how to apply for a VIN.

  5. Fill out an application to register a modified vehicle pdf.

  6. Take the completed application(s) and related documents to an Autoplan broker or mail them to ICBC. 

Mailing address

ICBC - Vehicle Registration Support
235 - 151 W. Esplanade
North Vancouver
BC V7M 3H9

For more information, contact Vehicle Registration Support:

Lower Mainland: 604-661-6638

Toll-free: 1-884-904-8212

Fax: 604-443-7341