Vehicle registration

Replace a licence plate

Here's how to replace your lost or stolen licence plate(s) and get back on the road.​​​


Don't forget your insurance documents​

You no longer need a decal on your licence plate​. However, you’ll still need to carry a printed copy of your insurance documents in your vehicle at all times.​

If you’re travelling outside of B.C., you may want to cover or remove any expired decals, as this may draw att​​ention from law enforcement in other jurisdictions.​​

​Need to replace your insurance documents? Visit any Autoplan broker​ or log in to download and print a copy.​

Replace one or both licence plates

If one of your licence plates is lost or stolen (or both plates are), you'll have to report it to police and visit your Autoplan broker.

You'll need to:

  1. Notify police

  2. Take the police case number, your insurance documents and, if applicable, your remaining plate to your Autoplan broker

  3. Pay an $18 fee for new plates