Vehicle registration

Buy a new vehicle

Before buying a new car, it pays to do your research. We’ve pulled together some tips to help get you started, plus information on how to register, license and insure your new vehicle.

Tips on researching new vehicles

  • What do you need the vehicle for: commuting, work, family? Which models are you interested in? Write down your needs and favourite vehicles.

  • Research vehicle safety features.

  • Research fuel efficiency.

  • Research sticker prices. Remember that the type of vehicle you buy can affect your insurance costs. Ask your Autoplan broker for details.

  • Research leases, purchase options and resale value.

  • Take each vehicle for a thorough test drive and take notes.

Registering, licensing and insuring your new vehicle

When you pick up your vehicle from the dealership, you'll need to register, license and insure it. Some dealerships have an on-site Autoplan broker to help you with all the paperwork. Working with an on-site broker is convenient but you can choose to contact any Autoplan broker to assist you.

You might want to consider optional extended coverage for your vehicle such as New Vehicle Replacement Plus.

Note: if you are transferring an existing insurance policy to the vehicle you are purchasing, you must complete a separate Transfer/Tax form. To determine your eligibility for a usage-based discount, you must include the previous vehicle’s odometer reading.

PST on vehicles

If you are buying or importing a vehicle or giving or receiving a gift vehicle there may be provincial sales tax applicable and exemptions may apply. Find out more about PST on vehicles​.

If you have more questions, talk to your Autoplan broker or read the B.C. Government bulletin on vehicle tax.