Vehicle equipment theft claims

​If you've had attached equipment such as your stereo or snow tires stolen from your car, here's what you need to know about making your claim.

Am I covered?

If you purchased ICBC Comprehensive or Specified Perils insurance, you have coverage for your vehicle's permanently attached equipment.

Common examples of permanently attached equipment are a stereo, speakers or snow tires. If your stolen equipment was not permanently attached (fixed to your vehicle) you may not be covered. If you have any questions as to whether your item(s) qualify, please call us.

Steps of your equipment theft claim

Here's what to expect when you make your claim.

Step 1: Report to your local police

All thefts must be reported to the police.

Please make a note of the police file number. You'll need it when you make a claim with us.

Step 2: Report your claim online or by phone

Report your auto equipment theft claim online or by phone.

Please have your receipts ready for what was stolen unless the equipment was installed as Original Manufacturers Equipment (OEM). You don't have to wait to see if the equipment is found.

Step 3: Provide proof of theft

To make an equipment theft claim, you must produce proof of the existence and value of non-manufacturer's equipment. Receipts should be kept together with a note of the year, make, model and serial number for the equipment. Photos may also be useful.

Proof can be sent via mail, email or in person at a claim centre.

Step 4: Stay up-to-date with your adjuster

Your adjuster will follow up on the outcome of the investigation and proceed accordingly.

Step 5: Get an estimate of the damage

If an estimate is required, you can choose a collision repair facility or a local ICBC Claim centre. The process will vary depending on whether you select a facility that is within the ICBC Repair Network or another shop outside the ICBC Repair Network.

Step 6: Get your vehicle fixed

If your vehicle is repairable, you can go to any repair facility of your choice within B.C. We recommend using a facility within the ICBC Repair Network​ because the repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.​

Step 7: You pay your deductible

You may have to pay a deductible to the shop. The deductible is the amount you have to pay toward repairs or costs before your insurance pays for the rest.

If you purchased our RoadsidePlus package, all or part of your theft deductible may be waived.

If your anti-theft device prevented a total theft of your vehicle, you may be entitled to the reimbursement of $100 of your deductible.

You may have to pay depreciation on some parts and/or labour that are subject to wear and tear. Talk to your estimator for details.

If your equipment is found

If the auto equipment can be identified (usually by serial number) and ICBC has notified the police that we have paid your claim​, then the police will notify ICBC of the recovery.​

If we have not yet notified the police​, then the police will contact you about the recovery.


Let your adjuster know if your equipment is recovered

If ICBC isn't notified that your equipment was recovered, you may have to pay back the cost of your claim.