Filing a dispute

If you don't agree with an assessment or decision we've made about your claim, you have options for disputing it.

Talk to your ICBC claims representative

In all cases, you should talk to your claims representative first. It's important that both of you understand all of the factors taken into account and this is your opportunity to point out anything that might have been overlooked or ask questions about how the decision was made.

If you have received your notification of responsibility and don't agree with the decision, find out how to dispute the responsibility assessment​.

If your dispute is not about responsibility and you are still not satisfied, ask to speak to their manager and they will review the details of your claim.

Talk to the ICBC Fair Practices Office

If you have concerns about the service you received or were not able to resolve a matter with your claims representative and their manager, you can raise your concerns through our Fair Practices Office.

The Fair Practices Office can investigate a decision you believe was unfair and refer you to a variety of dispute resolution processes.

Find out how to raise your concerns with us.

Dispute your claim in the Civil Resolution Tribunal

If you're unsatisfied with the detailed responsibility assessment made by ICBC, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (​CRT)​ is available to resolve disputes between customers and their auto insurer. The CRT is independent of ICBC and can resolve various disputes. If the CRT makes a r​uling that changes a decision, we will adjust ours to match the ruling.

Dispute your claim in court

Some disputes can also be filed in small claims court or B.C. Supreme Court. Please note, cases in court could take several years to resolve and the court has the final say. If a judge makes a ruling that changes a decision, we will adjust ours to match the ruling.