Vehicle valuation disputes

​​If your vehicle was determined as not repairable (also known as a total loss or write-off), you'll be offered a payment based on its determined value. If you don't agree, you have options.

Talk to your ICBC claims ​representative

Please contact your claims representative if you have questions about the valuation or dispute process. If you're unsatisfied with with your vehicle valuation, start by discussing it with your claims representative.

Supervisor and manager review

If you're still not satisfied, you can request a review by an ICBC supervisor and then finally a manager.​

Apply for a vehicle damage arbitration

​If this doesn't resolve the matter, if must be resolved by arbitration. Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution by a specially appointed third-party arbitrator. The application is submitted jointly to the ADR Institute of BC and there is a cost for both parties. Arbitration applications are initiated by the ICBC manager. Learn more about vehicle damage arbitrations pdf​.

Please note that if you decide to dispute the determined value of the vehicle and the payment offer, you will need to provide reliable evidence to support your dispute.