If your recovery takes longer than 12 weeks

Most people recover within 12 weeks after their crash. But if your injuries are taking longer, we’re here to help. 

Getting a benefit extension 

Enhanced Care covers you for the first 12 weeks after your crash because most injuries heal and recover within that time. But if your injuries need a longer treatment period, you may qualify for a benefit extension.

The first step is to talk to your health care providers. They can determine what additional treatments and support you need to return to your daily activities. Then they can communicate those needs to your ICBC recovery specialist to extend your benefits to cover them. Make sure to complete your medical disclosure authorization form pdf to give your health care provider permission to speak to us about your injuries. 

For more complex cases, ICBC may require a Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA). CMAs are provided by independent teams of a variety of health care professionals. They provide an objective assessment of your injuries and which benefits will best support your recovery. 

Benefits for severe, permanent and catastrophic injuries 

Catastrophic injuries are typically the loss of a limb, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or another injury of similar severity. If your injury is categorized as catastrophic, you may be eligible for:  

  • Higher coverage for personal care assistance 

  • A lump sum payment for Permanent Impairment Benefit  

  • benefits to cover extraordinary expenses for travel, accommodation, or other special circumstances 

If you think this applies to you, speak to your recovery specialist to see if you are eligible for additional benefits. 

Complete your medical disclosure authorization form

Your health care provider may need to speak with us about your injuries. For example, if your injuries require treatment beyond your pre-approved 12 weeks, your provider can speak with us to get that treatment covered.  

But to do that, you need to provide permission for them to disclose your medical information to us. Make sure to complete your medical disclosure authorization form pdf and submit it through the online claims service. 

Staying in touch with your recovery specialist 

It's important to keep your recovery specialist updated about your injury. Staying in touch helps us manage your claim more smoothly.

We recommend reaching out to your recovery specialist by phone or email every 2 to 3 weeks, even if it’s just to say your recovery is progressing smoothly. 

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