Road safety

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Red light cameras

Running red lights puts everyone at risk.

Approximately 60 per cent of all crashes in B.C. occur at intersections.*

To help reduce the number of crashes at intersections, the police, the provincial government and ICBC developed the intersection safety camera program. There are 140 red light cameras in 26 communities across the province.

*ICBC reported five year average from 2012-2016.


Intersection safety cameras in B.C.

Red light cameras are placed at intersections based on the type, severity and frequency of crashes at that location. Signs are posted at those intersections to inform drivers. With awareness, you can help reduce the risk of crashing by stopping at a red light. Drive safely with our tips on intersection safety.

Red light ticket

A ticket is issued only if there is clear evidence the vehicle ran a red light. If you've received a ticket for running a red light, find out how to pay or dispute the ticket.

Ticket revenue is distributed among all municipalities across B.C. to enhance policing and community-based public safety programs. Over time, revenue should decline as the red light cameras help deter potential red light runners.