Road safety

Road safety speaker

John Westhaver

Topics: speed, impaired driving, distracted driving, dangerous driving, alternatives to get home safely

Three decades ago, John Westhaver was a promising high school senior until tragedy struck just before his graduati​on. When a car accident took the lives of two classmates, it left him with catastrophic burns in a medicall​y induced coma — and a nightmarish reality when he woke up.

John shares his story of loss, grueling surgeries, resilience and transformation to emphasize road safety. Drawing fro​m over ​20 years of speaking experience, John's presentations aren't just informative; they leave a profound emotional impact on his audience. He's a masterful storyteller on a mission to save lives and inspire change.

  • ​Audience: Suitabl​​​e for Grade 11 and 12 students

  • Cost: ICBC will spons​​​or $600 for a one-hour presentation

  • Presentation options: ​

    • ​In p​​erson

    • ​​​​Pre-recorded streaming video p​resentation available for a two-week period, followed by a virtual Q&A session​​

​Booking infor​mation

Call 250-514-514​​3​ or email John Westhaver.​