Road safety

Road safety speaker

Sandra LaRose

Topics: distracted driving, decision making, safe driving habits

Sandra’s 16-year-old daughter, Kailynn, was driving to a friend’s house when she looked away from the road. In that split second, her vehicle crossed paths with an incoming train. Kailynn lost her life just one day after her 17th birthday in 2018 — changing Sandra’s life forever. Sandra has since turned her grief into passion as a road safety speaker. She advocates for change in people’s choices regarding distracted driving, raising awareness of safe driving habits so that Kailynn’s story can save others from experiencing the heartbreak she lives every single day. Sandra is the founder and president of Sharing Kailynn’s Sunshine Foundation and a Rail Safety Ambassador with Operation Lifesaver Canada.​

  • Audience: Suitable for Grade 11 and 12 students

  • Cost: ICBC will sponsor $600 for a one-hour presentation

  • Presentation options

    • In person

    • ​​​​Pre-recorded streaming video presentation available for a two-week period, followed by a virtual Q&A session​

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