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The crash will go on your driving record, not your friend's, and it may impact your own insurance premiums the next time you purchase or renew insurance. It also may impact any policies where you are a listed driver.

Find out more about how crashes impact your insurance premiums.

Having deductibles is standard in the insurance industry and it helps keep insurance affordable.

When you buy insurance, you choose a deductible. It is the amount you must pay before your insurance pays for repairs.

If the other driver is at fault, your deductible may be reimbursed or waived.​

ICBC will assess responsibility based upon the information available.

By law, every motorist in B.C. has to report a crash within a reasonable amount of time. Your claims representative will attempt to call or send a letter to the other driver before your claim appointment.

After two weeks, ICBC will send a second letter asking to report within the next 10 days. If the other driver fails to do so, we will assess responsibility ​based on the information available.

Report to your private insurance company if you damaged your own vehicle only.

You’ll need to report to ICBC as well if:

  • there was any injury,

  • another vehicle was involved and/or

  • there was damage to another property.

It takes longer to settle your claim as an ICBC claims representative may need to negotiate with the claims representative from the other insurance company.

For customers with Roadside Plus coverage, we can reimburse up to $50 toward expenses due to roadside emergencies such as:

  • towing your vehicle to a repair shop after a breakdown

  • retrieving keys locked in your car

  • changing a flat tire

  • jump-starting a battery

Report your emergency roadside expense claim online or fill in our Emergency Roadside Expense Repayment form pdf and send it to:

ICBC Emergency Roadside Expense
405 - 10470 152nd Street
Surrey, BC V3R 0Y4

You'll need to make this claim within 12 months of incurring the expense.

If you have Loss of Use coverage, either on its own or as part of the RoadStar or RoadSide Plus package, you may be entitled to a rental vehicle while it is being repaired. There are maximum per-day and total limits.

Find out more about rentals and transportation options​ while your car is being repaired​.

Visit the Courts of British Columbia website and search for ICBC claim. You can browse through past judgments to see if there are any circumstances similar to your own.

Remember, every situation is different. Factors affecting settlement amounts include:

  • Types of injuries

  • Extent of injuries

  • How injuries impact your lifestyle and ability to work

  • Previous similar settlements or court cases.

If both drivers were working at the time of the collision regardless of fault. WorkSafeBC has to review your claim and decide whether you're covered.

If you were working and not at fault, you should make a WorkSafeBC claim. Government legislation states that ICBC is not allowed to pay out for Accident Benefits if you are entitled to claim medical, rehabilitation or wage-loss benefits through WorkSafeBC.

Under certain circumstances, you may choose to claim compensation through WorkSafeBC or ICBC. Please speak to your claims representative for more details.

Yes, we'll reimburse the amount that is required to resolve your claim. Please speak to your claims representative for more details.

ICBC would determine if you were responsible for contributing to a passenger's injuries using precedent and case laws, considering:

  • the circumstances of the crash,

  • the age and competence of the passenger(s) and

  • whether you’ve made sure they wore seatbelts.

Learn more about seatbelt laws in B.C.

Yes, in the event of a crash dashboard cameras can be very helpful in resolving fault accurately and fairly. However, we discourage the use of any electronic devices while driving because there is always the potential for it to be a distraction.

ICBC needs to receive notices as soon as possible. The fastest way is to email [email protected] (attach the notice as a scan or picture). Alternatively, you can take the notice to your local Claim Centre or mail it to

c/o Manager, NOCC Handling Department
#550 - 3777 Kingsway
Burnaby, B.C.
V5H 3Z7

For next steps, please contact your claim representative.