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Over the coming weeks, we are anticipating possible service disruptions due to staff shortages related to the Omicron variant. We apologize in advance and appreciate your patience. Please check for updates before visiting an ICBC office.
Last updated Monday, Jan 17, 2022 01:22 PM

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​​Vito Albanese, Vice President, Claims Injury and Legal Services



Hi, I'm Vito (he/him) and I manage the overall handling of injury claims at ICBC. I work collaboratively with our recovery partners to ensure that British Columbians injured in a crash get the quality care they need. I also work to keep our claims on the right track and manage legal services for them.

I've been with ICBC for over 30 years, holding senior-level positions in Claims Customer Services and working with high-risk injury claims. I have a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. As a musician at heart, I enjoy listening to all types of music. ​