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Need adjustments or accommodations?

We welcome applicants and employees with diverse and unique needs and we’re committed to helping them perform at their best. Read more below about the kinds of adjustments and accommodations we can provide to support you.  

What are adjustments? 

Adjustments – also known as accommodations – are changes we make for prospective and current employees, that allow them to apply for and be successful in their jobs. These adjustments ensure that people who may otherwise encounter barriers have equal access to ICBC’s employment opportunities and benefits. 

We recognize that adjustments and accommodations are unique to each person and can change over time. Where one person may need adjustments that don’t change, another person may only need them for a short time or have them change as their needs do. 

Some examples include:  

During the recruitment process: 

  • Additional time to complete any required testing or assignments 

  • Alternative interview formats 

  • Interview locations that are accessible for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices 

  • Appointments scheduled at times that assist with transit, childcare or caregiving responsibilities 


  • Altered work stations 

  • Standing desks 

  • Additional screens and other hardware 

  • Space for prayer, zero stimulation or pumping breast milk


  • Screen readers and magnifiers 

  • Speech recognition programs 

Adjustments to a role: 

  • Changes to scheduling 

  • Training and learning materials provided in various formats 

  • Flexible time for personal breaks and medical appointments 

Request adjustments as a candidate 

You can request adjustments at any point. Talk to your recruiter or the hiring manager, and we recommend letting them know as early as possible, so that your adjustments are in place from your start date.  

If you’re applying for multiple roles, you may need to submit your adjustment request for each role. 

Any adjustments you need and request of ICBC have no bearing on your application for a role.  

Request adjustments as an ICBC employee 

If you need one or more adjustments, talk to your manager or our Health and Wellness team. They can work with you to secure the resources or changes you need, keep you informed about timelines to implement these adjustments (if applicable) and connect you with other resources to support you.  

Any adjustments, large or small, are kept confidential between you and your manager, and your colleagues will be only informed of changes that affect their day-to-day work (for example, changes in duties between team members).  

If you’d like to connect with other ICBC employees with disabilities, our Disability & Accessibility Employee Resource can be a great space for community and connection.