About ICBC

Work with a Purpose

From promoting road safety to helping injured customers recover, supporting people in British Columbia is at the heart of everything we do. If you thrive in a workplace that values work with a clear purpose, we invite you to join us.

Road safety across the province 

Our Road Safety team promotes road safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike with:  

  • Educational outreach that teaches children about road safety at every age, from speakers who know first-hand the importance of safe driving 

  • Infrastructure design that encourages safer driving and reduces crashes 

  • Campaigns that raise awareness about the importance of safe driving 

Driver licences and identification for everyone in British Columbia 

Getting a driver’s licence can be a major milestone in someone’s life. We’re helping people in British Columbia get on the road safely, from teen drivers gaining new skills and more independence to new residents exploring all the beauty our province has to offer. 

We also issue BCIDs so that all residents have the safe and secure identification they need to access various services.   

Helping customers after a crash 

Being in a crash can be stressful, but we know that recovering shouldn’t be. Our recovery specialists help injured drivers, cyclists and pedestrians access the services they need to recover.  

Our claims teams also assist customers with vehicle repairs, so they can get their cars back on the road.  

Reducing our footprint for a greener B.C.  

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. We’ve made significant progress in recent years but are always looking to do more. Some of our improvements include:  

  • Reducing building and fleet emissions, in line with CleanBC standards 

  • Using less electricity and natural gas at our offices and other facilities 

  • Using recycled paper products and reducing overall paper usage 

We’re looking to relocate our head office in the next three to five years, to a central, transit-accessible location. In the meantime, our hybrid working model helps reduce traffic and vehicle emissions.  Learn more about our efforts in our Climate Change Accountability Report.  

Living our values at ICBC 

We want to make a positive impact where we live, by encouraging employees to give back in their communities. 

Our two Employee Giving Initiatives are:  

  • Our Jean Up campaign in the spring, supporting BC Children’s Hospital. It raised more than $40,000 in 2023. 

  • Our United Way campaign in the fall. Our 2022 campaign raised more than $334,000 to support United Way initiatives across the province.  

When severe weather hits British Columbia, we respond immediately to assist customers with matters like claims support and replacing identification.  

Our values guide us in everything we do:  

We’re collaborative 

  • We collaborate with each other, stakeholders and customers to move everyone in British Columbia forward 

  • We consider our audience 

  • We're flexible 

We’re supportive 

  • We demonstrate compassion and dedication 

  • We're there for each other, stakeholders and customers when they need us 

  • We support our communities through road safety programs and being environmentally responsible 

We’re straightforward 

  • We say what we mean 

  • We're clear and concise 

  • We demonstrate ethics and integrity 

We’re knowledgeable 

  • We know our business 

  • We make informed decisions 

  • We prioritize learning