Driver licensing

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Replace a lost or stolen licence or ID

Learn how to replace your lost or stolen licence, ID, enhanced driver's licence, or enhanced ID card.

Licence replacements and COVID-19

You'll need to book an appointment if you want to replace, renew or reinstate a B.C. driver's licence (BCDL).

Masks and physical distancing are voluntary when visiting a driver licensing office.

Lost or stolen licence or BCID

Replace damaged, lost or stolen licence or BCID

If your licence has been damaged, lost or stolen, you can replace it at any ICBC driver licensing office.

If your licence has been stolen, contact your local police to file a report. 

How to replace your licence or ID

To replace your licence:

Note: If you do not have enough accepted ID to replace your lost or stolen card, please call our driver licensing information line.

If you're outside of B.C. and do not have your licence

Depending on your situation we may be able to help you if you call our driver licensing information line.

BC Services Card

Learn more about getting a BC Services card as an alternative to a BCID.

Lost or stolen EDL or EIC

Replace lost or stolen EDL or EIC

If your enhanced driver's licence (EDL) or enhanced ID card (EIC) is lost or stolen, call ICBC driver licensing at 1-800-950-1498.

The Enhanced driver's licence (EDL) and Enhanced ID card (EIC) programs are being phased out, which means we are not replacing, renewing or issuing new EDLs or EICs. If your EDL/EIC was lost or stolen, we will issue you a driver's licence/BCID. If the expiry date of your EDL/EIC is within the 180-day renewal window, the standard BCDL/BCID renewal fees will apply, otherwise no fee is required.

Found your card?

If you find your EDL or EIC after reporting it missing, you

  • can't use the card to cross the border
  • can still use your EDL to drive

Important: If you try to use your EDL or EIC at the U.S. border while its status on our records is lost or stolen, it will be confiscated. You could also encounter problems if you're pulled over by the police in B.C.