Driver licensing

Translation service

Need driver licensing services and English isn't your first language?

We offer a free, over-the-phone language service that can help you communicate with our customer service representatives. Find out more about our language services.

Interpreter services at driver licensing locations

We have over-the-phone translation services at all driver licensing offices (DLOs) and claim centres. Our customer service representatives and driver licensing agents can connect with an interpreter over the phone to help you speak with us​.

Interpretation services are not available for road tests.​

Knowledge test available in 12 languages

We offer our knowledge tests for cars and motorcycles in 12 languages (English, French, Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Croatian, Vietnamese and Ukrainian). If you require a translation of a knowledge test in a language that we do not provide, an ICBC-approved independent translator pdf can interpret for you. Find out more about ICBC approved translators.

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