Driver licensing

For parents of teen drivers

Having a teen who's learning to drive can be an exciting and stressful time. It's that balance of giving them some independence, keeping them safe, and having the confidence to lend them your car in the process.

Here's some helpful info to support you and your teen through the steps of graduated licensing.

Insuring your teen

On your insurance, you'll be asked to list who drives your car, such as family members and employees – including learner and novice drivers.

To add your teen to your listed drivers, visit an Autoplan broker office. You will need their driver's licence number and date of birth.

If you don’t list your teen and they get into a crash, you could face a financial consequence. Learn more about insuring a learner driver.

Learner premium

When you have a learner driver listed on your policy, a new additional premium will apply. The learner premium recognizes the risk that a learner driver represents and helps cover the costs of crashes caused by learners. If multiple learners will be using your vehicle, you don't need to pay the premium for each – it is one cost to cover all learners.

Insurance tips to consider

  • Extra coverage: Consider getting more Extended Third-Party Liability coverage, or adding Collision coverage if you don't have it already.

  • Driver-based model: Under the new model, at-fault crashes will follow the driver, not the vehicle. However, crashes caused by learners won't go on their driving record – we don't want to penalize learners while they are learning to drive. The learner stage will also not count towards their driving experience.