Driver licensing

For parents of teen drivers

Having a teen who's learning to drive can be an exciting and stressful time. It's that balance of giving them some independence, keeping them safe, and having the confidence to lend them your car in the process.

Here's some helpful info to support you and your teen through the steps of graduated licensing.

Parental consent

We encourage you to come in with your teen on their first visit to a driver licensing office. It's an opportunity for you to learn the steps your teen will go through in B.C.'s Graduated Licensing Program (GLP).

Giving consent for your teen's licence application

Parental or guardian consent is required for anyone under 19 who is applying for a driver's, motorcycle or commercial licence. To speed things up, bring a completed Parent/Guardian Consent form to to your teen's appointment at the driver licensing office.

The form is a fillable PDF. You can complete the form on your computer, print it, then bring it with you.

Download the Parent/Guardian Consent form pdf

Not able to come in with your teen?

We understand parents are busy. If you're not able to come to a driver licensing office with your teen, you can

  • sign and date the form, and

  • have an adult non-family member witness your signature by completing the witness section of the form.

Your teen can then bring it to their appointment.

Important: Make sure all the required information on the form is complete. If not, your teen may not be able to start the driver's licence application process, resulting in another trip to the office.

When your teen goes to the driver licensing office, make sure they bring

Why is parental consent required for applicants under 19?

This B.C. law is designed to ensure you agree your teen is ready for the responsibility of driving before they're allowed to apply for a licence. Your consent also confirms your commitment to ensure your teen receives sufficient safe driving practice.

Why does ICBC need a parent or guardian's signed consent?

Requiring all forms completed away from a driver licensing office to be witnessed by an adult non-family member, along with requiring witness contact information, discourages fraudulent parental consent applications.

B.C.'s anti-fraud laws also discourage fraudulent applications. There are consequences for making a false application.

What if a teen does not live with their parent or guardian?

If a teen isn't dependent upon their custodial parent/guardian and is not under the care of the Ministry of Child, Family and Community Services, they may complete an Application to Dispense with Parental Consent pdf.

In most cases, a guarantor, who meets the criteria to witness the teen's signature, will need to complete the guarantor section of the form.