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​Disputing a ticket 

You can dispute if you believe a ticket was issued unfairly, would like the fine to be reduced or the payment delayed.

How long you have to dispute:

  • You have 30 days to dispute a traffic ticket from the violation date.
  • You have 30 days to dispute a red light camera ticket that was served to you in person or 45 days to dispute a ticket received in the mail.  

How to submit your dispute

In person

You or someone on your behalf can dispute in person. You must bring your ticket to any driver licensing office or provincial court registry.  

If you don't have your ticket, you must at least know the ticket number, when you got the ticket, what's it for and how much is the fine. Otherwise, we likely won't be able to register the dispute. Don't forget to bring your driver's licence too.

By mail

If you register your dispute by mail, include the following in a letter:

  • whether you're disputing the allegation (offence noted on the ticket) or the fine amount
  • the traffic violation ticket number and date of the offence
  • your full name, address, driver's licence number, and date of birth
  • the Act and Section number of the offence. (This information is written on the ticket.)

Mail your letter, along with a photocopy of the front of your ticket, to:

Ticket Dispute Processing 
Bag #3510 
Victoria, B.C., V8W 3P7

Mail your dispute within 30 days

Your dispute must be post-marked within 30 calendar days from the date the ticket was served to you. There is no need to include court evidence such as videos or pictures.

Going to court

To complete an allegation dispute, you'll need to appear in court. Your court date will be mailed to you by the Provincial Court Registry. If the court date doesn't work for you, reschedule it by contacting your local court. If you miss your court date you'll have to pay the ticket.

If you're disputing the fine amount or are requesting more time to pay, you may not have to appear in court.

Not your ticket?

Traffic tickets

If you believe that a ticket appearing on your driving record belongs to someone else, you can have it reviewed. Call us for more information.

Red light camera tickets

Red light tickets received in the mail are issued to the owner of the vehicle. If someone else was driving and should be responsible, it's possible to nominate another driver and have it moved to their name. To do this, both you and the other driver need to agree and submit an application. If the application is approved, a new ticket will be issued and served in person to the other driver.

If you can't agree or the application is rejected, the vehicle owner is responsible for paying the fine.

To nominate another driver:

  1. Print and complete the driver nomination form.
  2. Mail the completed application within 45 days from the "Date Violation Ticket Completed" (remember to allow 10 days for mailing) to:
    • Driver Nomination
      PO Box 2160 Station Terminal
      Vancouver BC V6B 6G5

If the original ticket has been personally served, you can't nominate another driver.

Commercial drivers

If you own a commercial vehicle (for example, a taxi, bus or truck) and receive a red light camera ticket, points will be added to your National Safety Code profile.

Update your address with the court 

Don't take the chance of missing your court date notice in the mail. If you've recently moved, ensure they have your information on file. To confirm or update your address, directly contact your local court

Transit fare evasion tickets

If you have a transit fare evasion ticket, it must be paid before renewing your driver's licence or Autoplan insurance.

For more information about your transit debt, contact ICBC account services:

  • 604-661-2723 in the Lower Mainland or
  • 1-800-665-6442 toll free.

More information

To reach the Violation Ticket Centre call 1-877-661-8026 toll-free within Canada or 604-660-4869 in the Lower Mainland.

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