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Autoplan insurance

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prepare an insurance estimate​

Prepare an insurance estimate whenever you want with our easy-to-use ICBC estimation tool.​ Please note: this tool displays Enhanced Care savings and refunds only – for information on COVID-19 customer rebates, visit our COVID-19 page. ​

Enhanced Care: New auto insurance for B.C.

Learn more about your savings and refund eligibility​, along with how Enhanced Care ​will make insurance more affordable,​​ ​at​.​

​What savings and refunds can you expect with your next renewal?

Enhanced Care starts on May 1, 2021 and will benefit all B.C. drivers. Here's how it works: 


If your renewal is BEFORE May 1, 2021​​​​

  • Your premium will be based on the current rates.
  • After May 1, 2021, you may be eliglible for a refund for the difference between the rate you paid and the new, lower Enhanced Care rate from May 1, 2021 until the end of your policy.
  • Once your renewed policy is effective, you can log in to our estimation tool to see your estimated Enhanced Care refund.


If your renewal is AFTER May 1, 2021

  • Your premium will be based on the new, lower rates of Enhanced Care. That means you'll see savings* on your entire policy term.
  • You may also be eligible for a one-time, pro-rated refund.
  • Your refund amount will be the difference between what you paid when you last renewed and the new, lower cost of Enhanced Care for the amount of time your policy extends past May 1, 2021.

*​Please note that the amount of savings depends on a number of factors, including coverages you buy, your listed drivers, the type of vehicle you drive, and more.​

What​ you'll need to prepare an estimate

To prepare an estimate with the tool, you'll need to:

  • have a current Autoplan policy​
  • ​​​provide your B.C. licence plate number and BC driver's licence details

Please visit an Autoplan broker's office to get a policy estimate if you're:

  • estimating a new policy
  • are a commercial or fleet vehicle owner
  • don't have a permanent B.C. driver's licence and a current Autoplan policy

With the estimation tool, you can:




Estimate the impact of listing drivers on your policy

If other drivers use this vehicle, you should list them on your policy. Use the tool to estimate how this might change your policy.





Estimate changes to optional ICBC coverage
Choose from a wide range of optional coverage products so you can choose the best level of protection for yourself, your family and your vehicle.







See your Enhanced Care refund

When Enhanced Care coverage launches on May 1, 2021, you may be eligible for an Enhanced Care refund. If so, you'll be able to see how much this might be.








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Sign up for ICBC updates as soon as they are available.








Get your money faster with direct deposit

Sign up for direct deposit​ so that refunds can go straight into your bank account.




​What you'll need

  • Your current Autoplan policy
  • Your B.C. licence plate number
  • Your B.C. driver's licence details


Prepare an estimate​ 

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