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Autoplan insurance

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​​Your insurance renewal reminder

ICBC will mail you an insurance renewal reminder that outlines your coverage, your vehicle, the expiry date of your current policy and other important details. You'll receive the reminder about a month before your insurance is due to expire.

We've made some changes to your insurance renewal reminder. In addition to the coverage and vehicle information, your next reminder will also include a section for adding drivers to your policy.

Understanding your renewal reminder

Your premium amount

In the past, insurance renewal reminders provided an estimate of the cost of your insurance for the same period as the previous policy term (typically, one year).

Your next insurance renewal reminder will not include a premium amount. Because Basic insurance has moved from a vehicle-based model to a more driver-based model, your premium can't be calculated until you provide a list of your vehicle's drivers to your Autoplan broker. Your subsequent renewal reminder will include your estimated premium amount.

If you've already received your renewal reminder and want to see how your listed drivers will impact your renewal, you can estimate your insurance costs using our online tool.

Here's what you'll see in your next renewal reminder:


How to renew your insurance and what to bring

You can renew your policy in person at any one of the 900 Autoplan brokers across the province.

You can renew up to 44 days before your policy's expiry date. You'll need to bring:

  • Your renewal reminder and your insurance documents
  • The B.C. driver's licence number and birth date of each driver you want to list on your policy (including you)
    • If they don't have a B.C. licence, their name, license number and jurisdiction that issued the licence
  • Proof of your vehicle's odometer information if you think you may be eligible for the new low-kilometre discount

Visit our Buy or renew your insurance page for more information on the renewal process.

Listing your vehicle's drivers

Our recent changes to insurance mean that crashes follow drivers, not vehicles. By listing those who drive your vehicle, you're making sure that the right person is held accountable in the event of a crash.



Who should be listed

You should list those who use your vehicle frequently, including members of your household, employees and learners. Part of your premium will be based 75% on the principal driver (whether that’s you or another listed driver) and 25% on the driver with the highest level of risk. Learn more about how drivers, experience and crash history affect your premium.


Unlisted Driver Protection

If you occasionally lend your car to drivers who aren’t listed on your policy, you can add Unlisted Driver Protection to your policy. It covers drivers who occasionally use your vehicle and can be added to your policy with no additional cost (as long as an unlisted driver hasn’t caused a crash using any of your vehicles).


 Learn more about listed drivers




Your vehicle use

Your renewal reminder also includes a brief description of your rate class and territory. Your rate class reflects how your vehicle is used, whether for commuting, business or pleasure. Your territory refers to where you live.

We're also introducing a low-kilometre discount for vehicles driven less than 5,000 kilometres per year. When you renew your annual policy at an Autoplan broker, make sure to bring a current odometer reading (no more than a week old) if you think you may qualify. If a subsequent odometer reading indicates less than 5,000 kilometres of driving when you renew your policy and you're eligible, you'll receive a 10 per cent discount.


Your coverage

This section of your renewal reminder provides a breakdown of your current coverage, split between Basic Autoplan insurance and optional coverage.

If your circumstances have changed or you'd like to update your existing coverage, talk to your Autoplan broker. They'll help you make any adjustments to ensure that your insurance meets your needs.