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Preventing fraud

When somebody exaggerates an injury or lies about a claim, they cheat the system that we all pay into.

Fraudulent and exaggerated claims are not only dishonest, they create real costs for B.C. drivers. North American auto insurance industry studies* estimate that 10 - 20 per cent of claims contain an element of fraud or exaggeration. This means that fraud is costing British Columbians up to $600 million per year, that's over $100 on every auto insurance policy.

Exaggerating a claim is also fraud

Exaggerating an injury may not be as dramatic as staging a crash, but it's a major issue and costs all B.C. drivers. Opportunistic fraud, like exaggerating a claim, can take several forms including:

  • embellishing the extent of an injury
  • misrepresenting a previous medical condition
  • claiming vehicle damage from an unrelated incident
  • participating in a jump-in scheme or otherwise misrepresenting the passengers involved in a claim.

Remember, fraud is far from victimless and increases the amount that we all have to pay.

What ICBC is doing about fraud  

We stepped up fraud detection and enforcement activities, which contributed to ICBC’s Special Investigation Unit completing close to 10,000 investigations in 2016 alone. Our cyber unit also plays an important role in combating fraud, and uses information available on the internet and social media to help examine suspicious claims. Most recently, we've launched our fraud analytics tool which uses the latest technology to help detect patterns and predictors of fraud at the beginning of the claims process.

The work of our Special Investigation Unit has led to hundreds of charges and convictions over the last six years – approximately 550 convictions from 2010 to 2015.

You can help combat fraud

Do you have information on a potential fraud? Let us know. Contact us on our confidential tips line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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*Industry studies include: Insurance Bureau of Canada, InsuranceHotline, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers and Insurance Research Council