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​Our environmental commitment

ICBC is committed to reducing our operational greenhouse gas emissions to 33% below 2007 levels by 2020.

In 2015 we surpassed this goal. Currently, our emissions are 38% below our 2007 level. We remain dedicated to managing our environmental risks, minimizing our impact on climate change and reducing waste—keeping our corporate priorities in line with B.C.’s provincial reduction targets.

Our policy on environmental sustainability

We’re committed to making our business environmentally sustainable:

Through our business practices by:

  • conserving energy and materials, minimizing our greenhouse gas emissions and achieving carbon neutrality,
  • considering environmental protection and conservation in our business decisions,
  • meeting or exceeding applicable environmental laws and industry practices, and expecting the same of our contractors and
  • measuring and improving our environmental performance.

By managing risks through:

  • identifying and managing environmental risks from our operations and
  • being prepared for environmental emergencies.

And, involving our employees by:

  • training employees to fulfill their environmental responsibilities and
  • fostering sustainability values and practices among our employees.

The steps we've taken to date have resulted in significant financial as well as environmental benefits.

For more information, please see our Carbon Neutral Action Report.

Taking action on climate change