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​​​​​​​Injured customers share their experiences with Enhanced Care​

November 18, 2022

You've likely heard about ICBC's new care-based model, Enhanced Care. Being injured in a crash is something everyone hopes never happens to them but the reality is that an average of 83,000 people are injured in crashes in B.C. every year.

If you're unfortunate enough to be injured in a crash, we want you to know we're here to help get access to all of the care and recovery benefits you need.

To help understand what the experience of being injured in a crash would be like under Enhanced Care, in this article, you'll get a glimpse into the experience of customers who wanted to share their stories and feedback.


Diane sustained catastrophic injuries as a passenger in a motorcycle crash in which she hit a tree after leaving the bike. She knew she was badly injured, but had no idea how catastrophic her injuries were. She was immediately taken into surgery, however Diane suffered paralysis as a result of a spinal cord injury. Additionally, she had multiple broken ribs, lacerated lungs, a broken scapula and a torn spleen and spent 10 days intubated in intensive care.

“I received a couple of emails from ICBC early on in my hospital stay. In the initial contact, I was assured that my injuries would be covered. This was a huge relief as we [her partner and her] were aware of the extreme costs a spinal cord injury would cause," says Diane.

Shortly after the crash, Advanced Support and Recovery Specialist, Amy, was assigned to Diane's case. “Amy found an occupational ther​apist in my home town so the process of home renovations and the procurement of a vehicle could begin. She also provided the information and support needed for me to concentrate on recovery without the pressure and worry about the costs related to my situation," she adds.

Diane's home was renovated to be accessible, which included the installation of an elevator. Recently, Diane achieved the milestone of moving back home and picking up her new adapted van. “The mental boost I've received from being in familiar surroundings and having access to all my belongings cannot be overstated. Life is beginning to feel normal again," she shares.

She's very grateful for all aspects of care and support. “One thing that I feel has been quite helpful is the access to a counsellor. Due to the accident, my life has dramatically changed. Having someone to help me work through the emotions from these changes and losses is extremely valuable," explains Diane.

Before the crash, Diane was actively involved in camping and hiking. To facilitate these activities, Diane will receive an add-on (tri-ride) to her wheelchair. “Once I have the wheelchair attachment, I'll have the ability to go many places I was unable to before bringing me closer to my pre-accident life," says Diane.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about how ICBC has treated me from those first few days after the accident until now. Everything that I have needed to recover from the accident has been provided. And I can't emphasize enough what it means to me to have things direct billed to ICBC. Things like my chair, tri-ride and driving lessons," she says.


John and his wife were in a crash last summer. Both sustained minor injuries and treated by paramedics on site. John reported the incident by telephone later that day.

“The following morning, we received a call from an ICBC representative to confirm the crash and injury details. Over the following three weeks we received more calls from the Support and Recovery team expressing concern and providing detailed advice," explains John.

So what stood out for John? “We were impressed with the quick response of ICBC and comforted by refreshing communication directly with a qualified person. Their professionalism, dedication and courtesy in addressing our health issues were reassuring and significantly helped build confidence."

“ICBC can be justifiably proud to have such valued members on staff and I express sincere appreciation for all they did for us," says John.​​​​

​We thank these customers for sharing their experiences. Being in a crash can be a frightening and stressful experience, especially for those who are injured. Their stories provide insight into Enhanced Care, and how our teams are helping injured customers get the support and care they need to move forward in their recovery.