Driver licensing

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Renew your licence or ID

Find out how to renew your driver's licence, BCID, enhanced driver's licence (EDL) or enhanced identity card (EIC).

Driver's licence renewal

Renew your driver's licence

You can't smile in your new driver's licence photo, but hopefully our friendly, efficient service will make you leave with one. Renewing is simple and easy—here's how.

Expired licences

It's illegal to drive with an expired licence—don't leave it till the last minute.

How to renew

To renew your licence:

Best times for you to visit

Come early morning mid-week for your best chance to avoid waiting during peak times.
Check out the infographic to see visitor traffic at our driver licensing offices.

If you are outside of B.C. at renewal time

Your licence must be renewed in person. If you'll be away when your licence expires, try to renew before you leave. Like your passport, it’s important to hold a valid driver’s licence at all times when abroad or when visiting the U.S., if you plan to do any driving.

You can renew it up to 180 days early—and you won't lose any time on your licence.

If you're outside of B.C. when your licence expires, or if renewing within 180 days early isn't enough, call our driver licensing information line.

Ongoing medical conditions

Upon each application and renewal of a driver’s licence, you will be asked to declare any new or ongoing medical or physical condition. Please let us know if you would like privacy while doing so. ICBC is committed to ensuring your privacy as well as making reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities.

BCID renewal

Renew your BCID

Your BCID card must be renewed every 5 years. Renewing is simple and easy. Here's how.

How to renew

You do not have to re-submit a consent form if you're under 19.

Your current BCID and a credit or bank card with your name and signature on it would typically qualify, unless you've recently changed your name.

Best times for you to visit

Come early morning mid-week for your best chance to avoid waiting during peak times.
Check out the infographic to see visitor traffic at o​ur driver licensing offices.

BC Services card

Learn about getting a BC Services card as a free alternative to a BCID.

EDL or EIC renewal

Renew your EDL or EIC

To renew your enhanced driver's licence (EDL) or enhanced identification card (EIC) you need to book an in-person appointment and reapply. This ensures that you still meet the eligibility requirements. 

Book your appointment

What to bring to your appointment

After your appointment, you can find out if your card is in the mail.

When renewing an EDL or EIC, a passport is not accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship.

Name changes

If your name has recently changed, please also bring accepted linking documents.​​

Updates for EDL and EIC cardholders

Previously RFID readers were available only when entering the U.S. by land, but starting late in 2017 the Canadian Government is installing readers at some border crossings to allow EDL and EIC card holders the same benefits when re-entering Canada. In B.C., this includes the Pacific Highway (Surrey, B.C.), Douglas (Surrey, B.C.), and Aldergrove crossings. There is no change in the information shared with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the new RFID readers will simply allow access to your information faster to make your land travel more secure and efficient. If you have any questions, contact the ICBC driver's licensing info line at 1-800-950-1498.

Licence expired 3+ years?

​If your B.C. driver's licence has been expired more than three years, find out how to renew it.

If you've been driving with an out-of-province licence

If during the last three years you've been driving with an out-of-province licence, you'll need to exchange it for a B.C. driver's licence. Bring it in to any ICBC driver licensing office along with two pieces of accepted ID and the renewal fee.

If you haven't been driving

If your licence expired over three years ago and you haven't been driving, you'll need to be retested before you can renew.

You will need to visit a driver licensing office to take a vision screening and road signs test and be issued a learner's licence. There is no fee for the road signs test.

You can then book a re-exam road test when you're ready.

  • Before your road test, any outstanding fines, medical requirements, cancellations or prohibitions must first be satisfied.

  • If you have been licensed to operate several classes of vehicles, a road test using each type of vehicle will be required.

  • Should you wish to retain a previously held air brake endorsement, you must also complete an air brake pre-trip inspection on an air brake-equipped vehicle.