Vehicles with no record of registration

Last updated: April 2022

​Even if you don't have the documentation proving you own a vehicle, you may still be able to register it in your name. Just follow these steps.

Step one: vehicle record search

For off-road vehicles (ORVs), a vehicle record search is only required if the ORV has a complying 17 digit VIN that appears in the vehicle registry as a duplicate VIN.

  • Provide the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) or serial number of the vehicle. While a VIN that can only be seen by crawling under the vehicle isn't acceptable for registering the vehicle, it may assist in the record search.

  • Check the vehicle for old licence plates that may help identify the vehicle.

  • Identify the year, make and model of your vehicle.

  • Provide proof of ownership such as:

    • a completed bill of sale, which must include the names, addresses and signatures of both the seller and the purchaser, the date and place of sale, the purchase price, the VIN or serial number and a full description of the vehicle (year, make and model).

    • a completed Consumer Taxation Branch Gift of Vehicle form (FIN319).

    • a completed Transfer/Tax form (APV9T).

If you don't have one of the above proof of ownership documents, you need to send a completed statutory declaration — Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration (MV1484) form. See "Step 3: statutory declaration" for information required on the form.

Include all of this information in your letter to us asking for a Vehicle Record Search. If you think there's a reason the vehicle was never registered, also include that information in your letter. Attach photocopies of any documentation you were able to find. Keep original copies of documentation and a copy of the letter for your records.

Attach a cheque for $7 (payable to Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) and mail the package to:

Driver Testing and Vehicle Information
205​-151 West Esplanade
North Vancouver BC V7M 3H9

Step two: results

We will send you a letter informing you that:

  • we have found registration records for a previous owner and are including instructions on what to do next, or

  • we couldn't find any registration records for your vehicle and are including instructions on what to do next.

Step three: statutory declaration

You'll need to fill in our Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration (MV1484) form. Make sure you include:

  • The vehicle year, make, model, body style and VIN.

  • Where and when you bought the vehicle and how much you paid.

  • Seller's name and details of your attempts to obtain his or her signature.

  • Description of any documents that will show us evidence of vehicle ownership and how you came to possess or acquire the vehicle.

  • The condition of the vehicle (now and when it was purchased). Also indicate whether the vehicle conforms to original manufacturer's specifications or if it's been modified in any way.

Make sure you complete this form before a notary public or a commissioner for taking affidavits in B.C. before moving onto step four.

Step four: applying for a B.C.-assigned VIN

The following vehicles are exempt from the B.C.-assigned VIN requirement:

  • Antique and collector cars and trucks that have been restored to original manufacturer's specifications that have an original VIN or serial number*

  • Antique and collector motorcycles with an original VIN or serial number

  • Off-road vehicles (ORVs) with a legible original VIN or serial number; however, a B.C.-assigned VIN is recommended in cases of very short VINs

  • All other cars, trucks and motorcycles with an original 17-digit or two intact public VINs

  • Ubilt Trailers with a GVW of 1,400 kg or less

  • Trailers with a GVW of 1,401 kg or more with a valid VIN

  • Farm and industrial tractors with an original serial number

*Occasionally, one of the original VINs on the frame or in the engine compartment is damaged during the restoration process. A second VIN can be restored. Call ICBC at 604-661-6638 for instructions. (We accept collect calls.)

If you need a B.C.-assigned VIN or would like one for your vehicle:

  • Complete our Application for B.C. Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (MV1325) form. You'll need to include information about the type of vehicle, what VINs were found on the vehicle and the reason for the application. You'll be required to provide the name of the Designated Inspection Facility (DIF) you'll be dealing with.

    Only DIFs can install the B.C.-assigned VIN tags. You can find a DIF in your local Yellow Pages under Automobile Repairing and Service or

    Costs to install a B.C.-assigned VIN may vary among DIFs.

  • Attach a cheque or money order for $25 (payable to Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) to the completed application form, along with a photocopy of the notarized Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration (MV1484). Include photocopies of any documentation that proves ownership and mail the package to:

    ICBC Vehicle Registration Support
    235-151 West Esplanade
    North Vancouver BC V7M 3H9

Our Vehicle Registration Support will send you a VIN assignment letter and the B.C.-assigned VIN tag to the inspection facility you've included on your application form. We will notify you when this has been done.

Step five: pre-registration inspection

Some vehicles will have to pass a mechanical and safety inspection at a designated inspection facility before they can be registered. Usually the VIN tag is installed at the same time that the vehicle is inspected.

If you need to get an inspection, you should contact the inspection facility to make an appointment for the vehicle inspection and VIN installation. You should also talk to your local Autoplan broker to discuss available options for driving or moving your vehicle to the inspection facility.

The inspection facility will install your VIN tag and, if your vehicle passes, you will receive a "passed" Vehicle Inspection Report. The inspection facility will also contact us once the VIN tag has been installed.

​Vehicle type
​Inspection required
​Inspection not required
​Antique and collector vehicles that have been restored to original manufacturer's specifications and were previously registered, titled, or licensed in B.C.
Antique and collector vehicles that were previously registered, titled, or licensed outside of B.C.
​Off-road vehicles (ORV)
All other cars and light trucks with a net weight of 3,500 kg or less
​All motorcycles
​Farm and industrial tractors
​All trailers*

*Some commercial trailers will require an inspection before licensing.

Step six: vehicle registration

Your broker will need to verify your B.C.-assigned VIN installation and match the VIN assignment letter to the VIN tag on your vehicle. Your broker can also provide options for driving or moving your vehicle.

You may need to have your unloaded vehicle weighed at a weigh scale. You can do this before you visit your broker to register your vehicle. Your broker can discuss available options for driving or moving your vehicle.

If you have a motorcycle, note the displacement of the engine in cc's before you go to your broker.

Then take all of these completed forms, documents and information listed below to your broker:

  • Transfer/Tax Form (APV9T). Complete the sections for vehicle description, purchaser's name and address and odometer reading, then sign it as the purchaser.

  • Our VIN assignment letter, confirming your B.C.-assigned VIN.

  • A photocopy of any documents you located that provide evidence of vehicle ownership.

  • The original completed Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration (MV1484).

  • The original or a photocopy of the search results letter from our Driver Testing and Vehicle Information department (as proof that you completed a vehicle records search).

  • The "passed" Vehicle Inspection Report (CVSE0013 or CVSE0014) from the designated inspection facility (if your vehicle required an inspection).

Your broker will process an initial registration for your vehicle, give you your vehicle registration document and look after any other licensing and insurance needs.

If you have any questions, please call Vehicle Registration Support at 604-661-6638. (We accept collect calls.) Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

More information

Your Autoplan broker is able to provide you with the referenced forms: MV1484 and MV1325.

For general inquires, call ICBC Customer Services at:

  • 604-661-2800 (Lower Mainland)

  • 1-800-663-3051 (rest of B.C.)

Translation services available.

Last updated: April 2022

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Last updated: April 2022