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​Sell a used vehicle

Thinking of putting your vehicle up for sale? You'll find the information you need here.

Steps for selling a used vehicle

​Steps for selling a used vehicle

1 . Gather the necessary documents.

You must have:

  • Your insurance and original vehicle registration. ​​The insurance and registration are actually two parts of the same document (APV250). You need both parts.
  • A Tr​ansfer/Tax Form (APV9T), which you can download and complete using Acrobat Reader. You can also get a copy from any Autoplan broker. Please note that all four pages must be complete and original signatures are still required.

2. Prepare your vehicle for selling.

See Tips for selling a used vehicle.

3. Advertise.

See Tips for selling a used vehicle.

4. Complete the sale.​​

How to transfer ownership.

Tips for selling a used vehicle

Tips for selling a used vehicle

You can do a lot to help sell your vehicle faster and get a better deal. The better prepared you are, the more confidence the buyer will have.

Preparing your vehicle for sale

Here are some ways to get your vehicle ready.

  • Research the value of your vehicle by comparing it to other vehicles for sale on auto websites and in newspapers. Also, ask several mechanics how much they would pay for it.
  • Gather all receipts for after-market purchases, maintenance, repairs and AirCare. The buyer may want to look at these.
  • Buy a vehicle history report to show potential buyers.
  • Have the vehicle inspected at a designated inspection facility. To find one near you, see the list of inspection facilities posted on the B.C. government's Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement website.
  • Clean your vehicle inside and out.
  • Make sure you have the necessary documents to transfer ownership.

Advertising and promotion

Ready to put your vehicle on the market? You can get the word out many ways, such as:

  • Advertising your vehicle online and in newspapers.
  • Putting a For Sale sign in your vehicle.
  • Telling your friends, family and neighbours.
  • Posting notices at your local community centre, library or university.

Protect yourself from scams

If you're inviting potential buyers to your home to look at the vehicle, it's a good idea to have someone with you.

When you sell, we recommend accepting only cash or a bank draft—not a personal cheque.

​Temporary Operation Permit

Is your vehicle currently uninsured and unlicensed? You need a Temporary Operation Permit so potential buyers can take your vehicle for a road test. You can get this from any Autoplan broker.

Need more information?

Please speak to your Autoplan broker.