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​If you are not responsible

If you’re not responsible (not at fault) for a crash, you may be entitled to settlement payments from the other driver’s insurance policy. The responsible driver's insurance could also pay for your vehicle repairs, rental car, or reimbursement for alternative transportation. Your ICBC Basic insurance will cover any medical costs or wage loss due to injury.

What your Basic insurance covers

If your crash is prior to April 1, 2019

Talk to your claim representative. Changes to insurance come into effect on April 1, 2019, which may affect your coverage.

Medical costs

Under ICBC Basic insurance, Accident Benefits are available to anybody in B.C. who is injured in a crash, no matter who is responsible.

Accident Benefits pay for your medical care and recovery costs up to $300,000. Treatments can include physiotherapy, chiropractic care, registered massage therapy, clinicial counselling and kinesiology. Accident Benefits also cover things like dental care, alternative therapy, and home support if needed after an injury.

Wage loss

If you’re unable to work due to an injury from a crash, your Accident Benefits (under ICBC Basic insurance) will provide wage loss payments of up to $740 per week.

What Optional insurance covers

Damage to your vehicle (if you have Collision coverage)

If you have Collision coverage, it will pay for damage to your vehicle regardless of who is responsible for the crash. It also covers the costs of towing, storage and salvage disposal.

Repairs will be paid for by your Collision coverage first, then the other driver’s insurance.

If you don't have Collision coverage, from ICBC or another insurance provider, the repairs may be paid for by the other driver’s insurance.

What the other driver’s insurance covers

Settlement payments

If you’ve been injured, you may receive a settlement from the other driver’s insurance company to compensate you for:

  • medical treatment beyond the limits of your ICBC Accident Benefits coverage
  • wage loss beyond the limits of your ICBC Accident Benefits coverage
  • pain and suffering – compensation for the emotional distress and inconvenience caused by the crash.

Find out more about settling your injury claim.

Damage to your vehicle

The damage to your vehicle will be covered by your Collision coverage, if any. If you don’t have Collision coverage the responsible party’s insurance would pay for your vehicle repairs. 

When the other driver is fully responsible, your Collision deductible will be reimbursed or waived.

Hit-and-run claims

If you are a victim of a hit-and-run, you are covered by ICBC up to a maximum of $200,000 for damages and injuries.

Hit-and-run claims cannot be made for crashes on private driveways and private underground parking areas.

Talk to your claim representative for details or find out more about hit-and-run claims.

What if the responsible (at-fault) driver is uninsured or underinsured?

Uninsured driver

If the responsible driver has no insurance for a crash in B.C., you could be covered up to $200,000 in settlement payments. Talk to your claim representative for more details.

Underinsured driver

If the responsible driver doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for your claim, your ICBC Basic insurance includes Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) which protects you and your passengers for up to $1 million per injured person. It also covers anyone in your household if they're hit as a pedestrian or cyclist.

If you purchased Extension UMP (an optional ICBC coverage) your limit will be higher. Check your policy for details.

What if the at-fault driver isn’t insured by ICBC?

Damage to your vehicle

If you have Collision coverage, damage to your vehicle will be covered by your policy (a deductible will apply). If the out-of-province insurance company accepts liability then we may be able to waive your deductible.

If you don't have Collision coverage with ICBC, we will need to contact the responsible driver's insurance company to pay for your repairs and out-of-pocket expenses. See the full list of information you should collect after a collision with a vehicle licensed outside of B.C.

Crashes outside B.C.

If your crash happened outside B.C., we are obligated to follow the laws in that jurisdiction for responsibility and Accident Benefits. Please talk to your claims representative for more details.