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​Two vehicles arrive at an uncontrolled intersection at the same time

Two vehicles approach an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time. A crash occurs when both vehicles proceed into the intersection.  

In the diagram, Vehicle A and Vehicle B are both proceeding through an uncontrolled intersection (an intersection with no lights or stop signs) when Vehicle A and Vehicle B collide.

Vehicle "A" = 100%
Vehicle "B" = 0%

The rules of the road

A driver proceeding through an uncontrolled intersection must yield to a vehicle to their right, as that vehicle has the right of way even though the two vehicles arrived at the same time.

At an uncontrolled intersection, the Vehicle A driver must yield to traffic on its right and proceed with caution only when it is safe to do so. Therefore, they would be found 100% responsible.

What does it say in the Motor Vehicle Act?

The applicable sections of the Motor Vehicle Act are:


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