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​When your recovery isn't going as expected

Recovery after a crash may not go as expected. ICBC is here to help you get the care you need, even if it takes longer or requires more treatments. 

How your health care practitioner can help

Typically, your health care practitioner will perform an initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan aimed at helping you recover both at home and at work. They may recommend additional treatments or new ones, or engage the expertise of a registered care advisor, especially if your recovery is taking longer than expected.

Working with a registered care advisor

Registered care advisors (RCAs) are medical professionals who provide independent consultations to people injured in a crash, in instances where:

  • No clear diagnosis has been made
  • Your recovery isn't going as expected
  • Various factors are complicating your recovery

During the first 90 days, your doctor will consider whether your recovery could benefit from the involvement of an RCA. If your doctor recommends this, you can expect to meet with the RCA within 15 business days of your doctor's referral. The RCA may offer additional diagnoses or treatment options that assist your doctor in helping you get better.

Here's an example of how the process might look when an RCA gets involved in your care.


Prolonged injuries

If your injuries aren't improving as expected and you need more treatments (beyond those available to you up to 12 weeks after a crash) as a part of your treatment plan, talk to your claim representative.