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When you’re unable to work after a crash

If you're unable to work following a crash, the Accident Benefits under your Basic insurance can provide a portion of your lost wages so that you can focus on your recovery.

About wage loss assistance

Accident Benefits cover wage loss assistance for eligible recipients, no matter who is responsible for the crash.

For crashes occurring on or after April 1, 2019, wage loss payments have increased to a maximum of $740 per week (increased from $300 per week).

How to apply

You'll be asked to provide your claim representative with written confirmation from a doctor or nurse practitioner that you are unable to work and confirmation of employment from a current or previous employer. If you have other insurance coverage, that coverage must be accessed before ICBC benefits are payable.

Payments are calculated based on your income prior to the crash, up to a $740 weekly maximum. If you're approved for wage loss assistance, you'll receive payments while you are unable to work.

If you have coverage from another provider

Your Accident Benefits may not be your only source of wage loss assistance while you recover from a crash. If you have insurance from another insurer or your employer, contact that provider to see if you're eligible for other wage loss assistance. If you are eligible, this assistance must be accessed before ICBC benefits can be paid. 

You may also be able to access assistance from Employment Insurance and/or WorkSafeBC.