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​​​What to expect from ICBC

Providing care for anyone who is injured in a crash is our top priority. Find out what to expect from ICBC when you've been injured in a crash.



Support from ICBC

If you've been in a crash, you can report your claim online or by phone.

After you first report your crash, if you are injured, a support and recovery specialist will be assigned to you. Our specialists are here to answer your questions and guide you through your claim from start to finish.

If your crash happened on the job

​If you were w​orking at the time of the crash and you were injured, your injury claim should be reported to WorkSafeBC. You'll find the information you need to report your injury on the WorkSafeBC website​.​

Care and recovery

Enhanced Accident Benefits are included in your Basic insurance and are there to support your recovery. The benefits are available for all B.C. residents injured in a crash, no matter who's responsible (at fault).

Enhanced Accident Benefits provide access to all the medical and rehabilitation care you need, with no overall limit. This could include costs like hospital care, chiropractic treatments, medication, physiotherapy, counselling, dental care and more. Other benefits are also available, such as income replacement and benefits to support you at home – so you can​ focus on getting better. Your support and recovery specialist will explain the benefits that are available to you, but your doctor or medical practitioner will determine your care.

Vehicle repairs

When you report your claim, we'll let you know whether you can go directly to an autobody shop of your choice for your estimate and repairs, or if you'll need to first come in to a claim centre. A claim representative will be assigned to you and is there to help if you have any questions related to vehicle repairs.

If your crash occurred prior to May 1, 2021

Enhanced Care came into effect on May 1, 2021. Crashes that happened before May 1 will follow the former system and the information on this page may not apply. If your crash occurred before May 1, 2021, contact your ICBC claims representative for more information.


Some of the forms you may be expected to complete include: