When your recovery isn't going as expected

Recovery after a crash may not go as expected. ICBC is here to help you get the care you need, even if it takes longer or requires more treatments.

How your health care practitioner can help

Typically, your health care practitioner will perform an initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan aimed at helping you recover both at home and at work. They may recommend additional treatments or new ones, especially if your recovery is taking longer than expected.

Comprehensive Medical Assessment

Comprehensive Medical Assessments (CMAs) are provided by independent, multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals. If your recovery is not going as expected, ICBC may offer a CMA to further assess your injuries and support your recovery.

Prolonged injuries

If your injuries aren't improving as expected and you need more treatments (beyond those available to you up to 12 weeks after a crash) as part of your treatment plan, talk to your support and recovery specialist.