When there’s been a fatality

We know the sudden, unexpected loss of a family member can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming. We’re here to help during this difficult time. 

Your ICBC claim representative will explain the benefits and support available and will work at a pace that suits you.

Grief counselling

With Enhanced Accident Benefits​​, family members are entitled to grief counselling. This could be provided by a counsellor, psychiatrist, member of the clergy or Indigenous elder, among others.

Funeral expenses

Enhanced Accident Benefits provides coverage for funeral expenses, such as funeral home services, transporting the deceased, cremation, cemetery burial plot and grave marker.

Payments to family

Family members, including a spouse or common-law partner, dependants and, in some cases, grown children and parents, are eligible for lump-sum payments with Enhanced Accident Benefits​.

Payments to a spouse

Enhanced Accident Benefits will pay a lump sum to a surviving spouse or common–law partner. The amount paid depends on the age and income of the deceased at the time of the crash. If there is no spouse eligible to receive this benefit, the amount will be shared among any dependent children.

Payments to dependants

Enhanced Accident Benefits will pay a lump-sum to surviving dependants, such as children under 19, children 19 or older who resided with the deceased and were financially dependent due to a mental or physical disability, parents who were financially dependent on the deceased, a spouse not living with the deceased at the time of the accident and former spouses who are legally entitled to spousal support. The amount paid depends on the age of the dependant.

Other payments

Non-dependent parents and children will each receive a lump-sum payment if the deceased had no spouse or dependants.

If the deceased’s main occupation was to care (without pay) for a child under 16 or a disabled adult, a caregiver weekly benefit may be available.

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