When you’re unable to work after a crash

If you're unable to work following a crash, Enhanced Accident Benefits under your Basic insurance can provide a portion of your lost wages so that you can focus on your recovery.

About income replacement benefits

Enhanced Accident Benefits cover income replacement for eligible recipients, no matter who is responsible for the crash. 

If you’re unable to work due to an injury from a crash, income replacement benefits are based on 90 percent of your net income, minus any amounts payable from other sources. These benefits can begin eight days after the crash.

If your gross yearly earnings are more than $109,000 per year, Income Top-Up coverage is available.

How to apply

You may be asked to complete an Enhanced Accident Benefits application and your inability to work will need to be confirmed by a doctor or nurse practitioner. ICBC will also need information about your current and past employment so we can determine the right amount of income replacement you're entitled to. 

Payments are calculated based on your income prior to the crash. If you’re approved for income replacement benefits, you'll receive payments while you are unable to work.

If you have coverage from another provider

Your Enhanced Accident Benefits may not be your only source of income replacement while you recover from a crash. If you have insurance from another insurer or your employer, contact that provider to see if you're eligible for other wage loss payments. ICBC income replacement benefits are paid after any other wage loss benefits. You'll need to apply for those benefits first and then your ICBC income replacement benefit calculation will take them into account.

You may also be able to access assistance from Employment Insurance and/or WorkSafeBC.

If you can't return to your previous job​

For most customers, income replacement benefits are a temporary measure while they recover.

When you're able to work but can't go back to your previous job due to your injuries, you may be eligible for our Vocational Services Support program. ​

In this program, you'll continue to receive income replacement benefits while we work with you to:

  • Identify new jobs or fields that could be a match for your skills, abilities and interests

  • Build your resume and prepare for interviews

  • Find your suitable job training or career counselling, if applicable 

The program is tailored to your situation, so each customer's experience will be different. For an overview of our vocational services, visit our Enhanced Accident Benefits guide pdf​.​

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