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​​​Not satisfied with your repairs?

ICBC Repair Network facilities guarantee the repairs to your vehicle for as long as you own it. If you are not happy with the repairs, we will work with you and the facility to address any repair concerns.​

Repairs by ICBC Repair Network facilities

If your concerns cannot be resolved between you and the ICBC Network Facility, please contact us, depending on your claim:

  • If your vehicle was taken to a claim centre for a damage estimate, contact the ICBC estimator assigned to your claim.
  • If your vehicle was taken directly to a repair facility, contact your local c​laim centre.

Note: After a review of the repair concerns, the vehicle may need to be returned to the same shop to address the concerns.

Repairs by other shops

​Shops that aren’t part of the ICBC Repair Network may not offer a guarantee for repairs. 

Any concerns should be resolved with the facility manager. If your issue cannot be resolved, please contact your local c​laim centre.​

Still not satisfied with your repairs?

Most repair issues can be resolved through the above steps. However, if you're still not satisfied, and have Optional vehicle coverage, you may ask for a review by an estimating services manager. For more information, please contact us.

Concerns with how ICBC has assessed damages?

You can have concerns reviewed by an estimating services manager.

If this doesn't resolve the matter, you may be eligible for an arbitration process. Under this process, either you or ICBC can apply to the ADR Institute of BC (external).