About the ICBC Repair Network

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About the ICBC Repair Network

No one expects their vehicle to be damaged – and no one wants to deal with the hassles that come after. To make things easier, ICBC has a new way to help you get back on the road: the ICBC Repair Network.

What is the ICBC Repair Network?

ICBC accredits collision and glass repair facilities to establish an effective and efficient business relationship that benefits our mutual customers. ICBC’s Repair Network aligns with industry leading practice, related to keeping pace with increasingly complex technological changes, to help increase customers' confidence that they are receiving safe and proper repairs for their vehicle.

To help choose a Repair Network facility that best meets their unique needs, customers can use ICBC's Repair Network locator, which allows for searches based on facility location and services provided.

ICBC Collision Repair Network facilities will provide you with options for alternative transportation. ICBC Collision and Glass Repair Network facilities also offer a limited warranty for as long you own your vehicle, so you can be confident long after you're back on the road.

Equipment and training requirements

Modern vehicles are equipped with increasingly complex technology. These advancements are making vehicles safer but, in the event of a claim, have increased the need for specialized equipment and technician training to help ensure the best possible repair for these vehicles.

When selecting a repair facility, customers want to be confident that the one they choose has the equipment, trained staff and specialized services to ensure a safe, proper and prompt repair.

With updated equipment and training requirements, including recognition of all industry and manufacturer certifications, you can trust ICBC Repair Network facilities to have the capability to repair the majority of today's vehicles according to original manufacturer repair procedures.