About the Locator

ICBC's Repair Network Locator was created to help customers connect with collision, glass and commercial repair facilities within the Network. These facilities are expected to achieve and maintain standards for safe, proper repairs and customer service.

Collision, glass and commercial facilities that participate in ICBC’s Repair Network​ will display geographically within a 20km radius on the map. The list of facilities on the left side of the search screen can be ordered by distance.​

Collision and glass facilities in the​ Network can also be ordered by​ Program Rank. Program Rank is based on a facility’s standing within the Network. ICBC measures and ranks these facilities utilizing various metrics specific to each industry.

The locator also has Smart filters to identify languages, services or certifications before you initiate a search, as well as additional sort and filter options within the locator to help you find the right facility.​​​​​

Smart filters

Languages filter

Find a repair facility that offers services in a specific language.

Services filter

Find a collision repair network facility that offers:

  • Vehicle pick-up and drop-off: the facility will pick up and/or drop off a vehicle at a customer's home, workplace or other location

  • Online repair status updates: customers can check the progress of their repairs online

  • Aluminum repair capabilities: the facility meets ICBC standards for aluminum repair

Find a glass ​repair network facility that offers:

  • Mobile glass replacement/repair: customers can have repairs done at home, work or another location

  • Courtesy transportation: the facility provides alternate transportation to customers (such as a shuttle or courtesy car)

  • Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS): the facility is capable of calibrating most ADAS-equipped vehicles

Find a commercial collision repair network facility that​ offers vehicle pick up and drop off, along with online repair status updates.​

Please note that only one service at a time can be filtered.

Certifications filter

Find a collision repair network facility that is certified by a vehicle's manufacturer. Some types of damage may require repairs at a manufacturer-certified facility.

Additional filters & sorting

Additional filters exist within the locator to assist customers in finding the right ICBC Repair Network facility.


This filter will allow the customer to adjust their search radius once their initial Search Location has been entered.


The Sort filter allows customers to sort facilities to list by either Program Rank (default) or by Distance.

  • Program Rank: is based on a facility’s standing within the Glass or Collision Repair Network. ICBC measures and ranks Repair Network facilities utilizing various metrics specific to each industry.

  • Distance: Facilities are put in distance order within the current radius.


Other filters exist allowing customers to filter on additional items like business hours, industry certifications, services and languages.